Slate Roofing in Edinburgh

Slate out of all the roofing materials available for slated pitched roofs is regarded as the diamond material of choice, there a several different variations depending on the region you live in. Slate is a complex material that can be misunderstood even by a lot of roofing professionals it is made up of over 12 different minerals from quartz to graphite.

The main reason slate is so suitable for pitched roofing in Edinburgh is it has a low water absorption index of 0.4% which gives it the lowest embodied energy of all the pitched roof materials available, it is incredibly durable and is used by a lot of Edinburgh roofing professionals due to its beauty and longevity, slate is so durable it will last over a hundred years with little maintenance, it has a high tolerance to frost due to freezing conditions, it is fire resistant and moreover, it is energy efficient.

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Slate can be fixed by copper, aluminium or stainless steal nails, all used properly with a good quality slate will leave you with a long lasting roof with over an 80 year life span, the slate you use will depend on a few factors, the properties surrounding you and normally your local authorityin Edinburgh will have the last say, but do not panic because we at Weather Guard Roofing will innovate and guide you step by step through your project until completion.

Slate roofing is a very successful system that will easily function as a waterproof covering for up to a 100 years, if properly constructed, there are slate roofs that are still in good  functioning order after 300 years. Their longevity, however is not their only great attribute. Traditional Slate roofs are also beautiful to look at. change the last paragraph about sun room for paragraph below please.

Other Roofing Options

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Storm Damage and high winds can affect and damage any roofing system, slate tile or flat roof covering, Weather Guard Roofing emergency line has you covered.


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Compare which flat roof system is more suited to your budget or which has a longer lifespan, what is more damage resistance and flexible.


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Choosing between clay or concrete tiles can be as difficult as making a decison between colour, cost and contractor. Choose Weather Guard Roofing Services.


Flat Roofing Systems

Liquid Rubber

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Our in house Flat Roof Specialists are approved services of liquid rubber waterproofing.



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Fix-R roofing membrane can be installed faster which reduces the labour costs for the client and faster finish.


Single Ply

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Our single ply roofing systems gives the client a 20 year guarantee with a SIG independent certification.

SINGLE PLY Flat roofing


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Our approved roof installers can lay GRP with a 25 year BBA approved product guarantee.

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