Liquid Rubber Roofing

Hydrostop AH-25 liquid rubber waterproofing system is a seamless incredibly tough and very versatile membrane and is suitable for foot traffic, it is built up to create a single ply system that carries a 25 year guarantee, as long as your Edinburgh Roofing Contractor is an accredited installer. Weather Guard Roofing Services have passed all criteria and are accredited installers of hydrostop AH-25.

Liquid Rubber waterproofing system is odourless, solvent free, non hazardous and is uv stable, this product is a wet on wet application with a reinforced polyester fabric and is a good choice for most flat roof projects as it can be laid on almost any surface and can be installed all year round above 0c. This flat roofing system can be used on any size of roof weather domestic or commercial on new builds, balconies, terraces, flat roofs, repair or refurbishments, over failed single ply or damaged flat felt roofs which are past a roofing repair.

To apply hydostop ah-25 the substrate will be cleared of all dust and debris, although ah-25 can be applied directly on to most surfaces there are certain surfaces that requires substrates primers. Ah-25 is then applied to the prepared substrate, a reinforced polyester fabric is then laid and bonded with the base coat, ah-25 top coat is then applied to finish and complete the hydrostop ah-25 roofing system, which is water replant on application.

Weather Guard Roofing Flat Roof Specialists work together with SIG design & technology to give customer confidence and satisfaction, on completion of any project there will be a onsite inspection by an independent SIG surveyor, when he has checked and is satisfied with the roofing works carried out by our Edinburgh Roofing Services we can release the 25 year guarantee.

Other Options for Flat Roofing Systems

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Single Ply PVC is ideal for both domestic and commercial roofing projects, We are approved installers of Armourplan Single Ply.


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 EPDM is becoming the roofing services flat roof covering of choice, EPDM is installed quickly which makes it more cost effective.


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 GRP is the most durable of all the flat roof coverings and is very pleasing on the eye, clients love the finished product.


Traditional Roofing Options

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All new tiled roofs will need the correct ventilation system installed.


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We can supply our customers with a wide range of imported and local slate samples.


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