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Information on the 4 different types of flat roof systems available in Edinburgh

Let's talk a little about the different types of membrane systems you can choose from to help you decide which one is the best choice for your flat roof and that suits your budget. Now, when we mention the word "budget" this varies from pocket to pocket as you may be selling or buying a property in Edinburgh with a leaky or not so watertight felted flat roof, if selling or buying a property in Edinburgh then arrange a free estimate and our estimate will help you budget for repairs/patches or to consider replacing the tired water damaged felted roof with a new rubber EPDM roofing system that comes with a much longer guarantee of 20 years.

Flat Roofing systems have now evolved to a very hight standard when we consider liquid rubber roofing or single ply compared to green mineral torch on which came with only a 10 to 15 year guarantee and you were also lucky if it lasted that length of time, this sometimes was due to the tradesman who may have laid or fitted the single ply flat roof system and obviously other factors and the weather in Edinburgh being one of them. As you may know a green mineral flat roof fitted in England would last longer than one fitted in Scotland due to our treacherous weather and constant rain that we Scottish people experience on a daily occurrence and the terrible weather each roof has to endure.

If your selling a property with a flat roof and if your flat roof has had more than its fair share of roof repairs, it's possibly better to renew the flat roof for the buyers as you will still get your asking price or even raise the price and with the good deed you've done, well, you will get the feel good factor for leaving the property in excellent watertight condition just as you'd like to buy a property with no hidden secrets or surprises. If you find yourself wondering what you should do or if you're in doubt about buying a new property as you have concerns about the life expectancy of your grp flat roof, then why not drop us an email and we can orgainise a time that suits us both or we can send our Roofing Surveyor along to the new property and prepare a no nonsense roof report for you.
Relying on a property maintenance company you can trust in Edinburgh to inspect your roof and do some minor repairs is also a definite way to save money rather than waiting and having to replace the whole roof. We like to work with our clients and build lasting relationships and this is why we get recommended week after week thanks to our past and present customers.

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flat roofing using gas torch on green minerlal roofing felts.

Flat Roofing Systems

Liquid Rubber

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Our Flat Roof Specialists build up Fix-R Liquid to create a high performance Single Ply System.



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Weather Guard Roofing Flat Roof specialists install the Fix-R EPDM with a 20 year warranty.


Single Ply

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Weather Guard Roofing Flat Roof Specialists are accredited installers of Armourplan single ply.



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GRP has to be laid on a dry deck in temperatures not less than 7.5°C by flat roof specialists.


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